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Re: The good things thread

Random bits of goodness in my life currently:

For seven years, I have worked the weekends. I have never complained about this to my employer even though it can be frustrating on my social life at times. My personal life is at the point where I really need some semblance of a traditional weekend, so I finally said something to my boss. Within a week, she was able to facilitate a change so that I now have Fridays and Saturdays off (and by mid-summer I may have the opportunity to adjust my schedule again to get Saturdays and Sundays off). This is a huge deal for me and will allow me to more easily spend time with my significant other and my friends.

Yesterday (my first free Saturday), we stayed in bed until 12:30pm and then spent a nice chunk of the afternoon at a beautiful park in the city, frolicking in the sun and taking pictures of the recently-blooming flowers. It was pretty amazing.

In ten days, one of my oldest, best friends is flying into town for his annual vacation/trip back home. Looking forward to spending some time with him.

In less than a month, I'll be embarking on my own vacation - two weeks in the UK. I haven't been back since 2005 so I'm excited to visit again.
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