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To what I would've preferred? That's simple. An actual resolution beyond Archer giving a 30 second speech and all the problems going away magically. But that would require more than two episodes. Sure, they beat the bad guy. They did nothing to address the circumstances that created the situation. It would've been awesome if they had Terra Prime pop up early in season 4 after the Xindi incident and it was a recurring theme all season. Then we could've gotten a more complete picture of the situation beyond "they all lived happily ever after."
First, you already noted that this is impossible to do in a two-part episode and would have required more screen time.
Second, actual resolution is still fairly abstract. Would you mind to be more concrete?

In my opinion the question are, a) do you show anonymous people or actual characters, b) how can you symbolize via a limited amount of people that the opinion of a minority of Earth (and it is pretty clear that Terra Prime represents a minority as they would otherwise be able to influence politics via normal ways) has changed in a better fashion than via the conversion of Samuels and the death of Paton, c) how do you make sure that this new subplot works well in sync with the rest of the story? Think about the Terra Prime operative aboard the Enterprise and the Starfleet security in disguise as reporter, they were "embedded" and could interact with our main character. Same with Terra Prime, they became part of the plot insofar as they interacted with some of our main characters.

By the way, just because I like the story very much doesn't mean I don't have some minor problems with it. But they are not caused by plot holes but by atmosphere and mot with the resolution though but with the way Terra Prime is portrayed.
I am not normally not prone to political correctness but it seems a bit weird that amidst Paxton's minions there were only black guys. And didn't their xenophobia appear to be a bit of a distorted class conflict?
The guys on the moon are workers and it was the most direct portrayal of labour except for the slave labour on Rura Penthe. Isn't this stuff done by machines in the 22nd century, aren't there better jobs? Their boss owns everything, (not even in TOS it was ever stated that miners work for basically one guy) the worst form of human wealth inequality during TOS (in the case of Mudd it was clear that he is the bad guy) and instead of hating him they hate aliens. It's basically fascist, antisemitic logic, a class conflict is distorted into a "blame the outsider and once he is thrown out a harmonious, orgnaic society will emerge" story.
In addition to that their leader doesn't really hate aliens, he profits from them via their medical knowledge. He isn't stupid so does he really believe the eugenic propaganda of Colonel Green?

I don't wanna exaggerate but I got some vibes along these lines. Definitely felt a bit weird that Terra Prime was thrown together with this most clear form of manual labour and 'one guys owns everything' ... without the subtext of the story saying anything about this.
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