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Re: Bashir as James Bond

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Just watched this episode for the first time, "Our Man Bashir", and thought it was hilarious! Even James Bond and Julian Bashir's initials match which makes it even more funny. And then Garak is there with him hahahaha.

Is this one of those episodes that people love/hate?

Anyway I love it! I think it's awesome.
I think this was probably my favorite Bashir episode so far and it was a nice change of scenery and pace from the average Trek episodes.

I thought I would have gotten sick of hologram episodes from watching so much Voyager, but this one was really good! And it showed Bashir to be more clever and cunning than he is usually depicted. He did manage to keep everyone alive long enough to enable them to beam the physical patterns of the missing crew members out of there.
Well I usually give DS9 a pass on holodeck episodes because they don't do it near as often as TNG or VOY. Guess there's something to be said about Quark charging to use the holosuites.

As for this one? Yeah not much middle ground. People either love it or hate it. Both for the holodeck element and the Bond element. I personally liked it at thought it was good fun. Even with the holodeck silliness there was wonderful character interaction between Garak and Bashir. Not to mention Garak was hilarious in his mocking of Bashir. "Why I'd shoot me with a champagne bottle!" "Obviously I worked for the wrong intelligence service!" Not to mention it was funny how Bashir ripped off Garak's speech about being a real spy and having to make tough decisions.

Everyone really gave their best effort in this one. To Eddington's attitude being "Why do I have to put up with this crap?" Quark and Rom having to fix the problem. Even Odo's getting in the way pretending to be useful was good. Kira though really through herself into that role as the Russian colonel and deserves props along with Avery Brooks. That man would make a great Bond villain! And alas, O'brien Must Suffer(TM) even in holodeck episodes as he's the lackey who gets beaten like a drum again and again!
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