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Re: The good things thread

Jespah, may I borrow your hubby? I'd love to have a man who can cook (and do the dishes ) And could we get a pic of those daffodils, please? I hear the Canadians still have snow and I bet they could do with something pretty to cheer them up.

hey Australis! *hugs* Long time no see! Awesome isn't exactly the first word that came to my mind. My first one was "cute!!"

junxon, what kind of a violin is it? For classical music or folk? Professional or hobby quality? (Btw, I think the pattern might not look all that bad at daylight. The yellowish colour of the photo makes it difficult to decide)

teacake, I love Farscape. Are there several trilogies? It's been years since I last saw an epi

Sephiroth, it's a bit difficult to tell with that light - is that half a peach on top of the meat? That would be a yummy combination!

Sector 7, that's cool news! Congratulations at your speedy recovery!! Freshly mowed lawn has such a wonderful scent! I wish they'd find a way to bottle it. Imagine it's winter and you feel depressed and then open a bottle of lawn scent - it'd be like instant summer!

My good thing today: got up very early, had a huge English breakfast (bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, toast and excellent tea) and then spent all day on the roof terrace in the sun, reading The Chronicles Of Narnia and listening to wonderful quiet music (Telemann, Gluck, Bach sen., Mozart, Satie, Debussy, Dvorac) - simply a perfect day *sigh* (and my young and handsome neighbour having a sunbath with nothing but a tiny tanga certainly improved the view *smirk* -sadly, he's gay)
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