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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Cuffe, 2372

“Somebody talk to me.”

Terrence Glover stood from his chair after he decided he could no longer handle the rising tension on the bridge sitting down. He knew everyone was doing what they had to, the dozen or so officers on the bridge talking to each other as they passed information back and forth but nobody, it seemed was keeping him advised and that was simply not good enough.

“Lieutenant Meldin reports his team is three minutes from the extraction point. Minimal resistance to exfil,” said Bhuto, turning from ops to give her report.

Glover nodded. His mission been to locate and neutralize any boronite caches in the facility, a vital objective to ensure the Xenarth would not be able to just pick up the pieces and try again once this mission was complete. Sensors had already confirmed that no trace of boronite containing material remained.

“Lieutenant Sh’Fane’s team is two minutes from their extraction point,” this from another bridge officer tasked to oversee the ground assault progress.

Omega-Three, the team lead by Agamemnon’s Marine commander had joined up with Lure Mer’iab’s people earlier to assist fighting back a Xenarth onslaught after they had successfully neutralized the third Omega generator. Following the defeat of the Warrior Queen the two teams had split up again to head for their respective extraction points.

Kojo stood at tactical behind the captain. “Captain Donners’ and Lieutenant Mer’iab’s teams are four minutes from extraction.”

“We still can’t use transporters?” said Glover and glanced at the main viewscreen which was currently setup in split-screen mode. The left showed a tactical display of the facility on Zenith along with movements of friend and foe alike, the right showed Cuffe’s main cargo hold were Pedro Rojas, Seb N’Saba and a whole bunch of engineers and science personnel were swarming around the resonance chamber that had been set up there.

Rojas turned to face the screen, shaking his head. “Not going to happen,” the chief engineer said. “Even if we were confident in being able to beam up the Omega molecules alongside bio-matter, which we are not, we’re currently using every last drop of energy in the transporter system to beam up the molecules without them disintegrating during the process. And trust me, you don’t want that to happen.”

“We got two starships, Pedro. You telling me we can’t use Agamemnon either?” he said with obvious impatience lining his voice.

“She’s using her targeting sensors to ensure we’re doing this right,” he said. “Sorry but for the moment, we’re not beaming anything aboard other than these blasted molecules.”

“How much longer?”

The chief engineer turned back to look at the resonance chamber which was already glowing and pulsing with dim blue light. “We’ve got about half of them up here. Maybe another ten minutes.”

Cuffe’s captain looked at his Andorian ops officer. “Where are our Romulan party-crashers?”

“Should be coming in range in about thirteen minutes,” she said.

“Damn tight,” he said and turned to his first officer.

“Captain, there is something else.”

Glover looked at the screen were his lupine science officer had stepped closer to the visual pickup, his artificial eyes glowing with undeniable intensity.

“What now?”

“I’ve done the calculations but I don’t think we can safely neutralize the particles before the Romulans reach our location. The harmonic resonance required to safely neutralize this many molecules far exceeds the tolerance of the chamber itself.”

Glover massages his temples. “What are you saying? That you can no longer destroy them? What the hell are we doing all this for then?”

“We can still neutralize them with a lower resonance frequency but it will take longer.”

“How much longer?”

“An hour, perhaps two.”

“And in the meantime we face a fire-fight with three to four Romulan Warbirds,” said Kojo. “We’re not going to survive that.”

“Nobody will,” said the science officer. “Not if they land a lucky hit and take out the cargo bay, destabilizing Omega in the process.”

“And we sure as hell are not just going to hand them over,” said Glover, finding himself in one of those rare situations in which he had no feasible option to fulfill his mission.

“There may be another way.” This from the science officer on the view-screen.

“Don’t keep us in suspense,” said Glover, keeping himself from barking at the man.

“GRS 2127-341.”

Terrence didn’t understand straight away but Bheto nodded in agreement before turning to look at him. “The black hole.”

“We dump whatever we cannot neutralize inside,” the Alshain said.

The captain looked at his helmsman. “How quickly can you get us there, Ensign?”

Jean Hajar had begun her computations before he had even asked. “We’ll be limited to impulse for most of our way there. About nineteen minutes.”

“We should be able to stay ahead of the Romulans if we can depart before they get here,” said Bheto from ops. “They won’t be able to go any faster than we can.”

“Still going to be tight,” said the first officer.

“I take tight over dead,” the captain said but then noticed something else on the screen. On the tactical display on the left. More and more red dots, signifying the enemy, were appearing close to Donners’ extraction point. The very same her team was rapidly moving towards.

Kojo noticed it too. “Its an ambush.”

Glover took a step closer to the screen as if his proximity to the monitor would make a difference. “Get me through to her now.”
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