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Re: Have we witnessed the death of intelligent TV?

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Heh. Last night, after watching yet another new (as in "new to us") series on Netflix, hubby turned to me, rather shocked and said, "Do you realize that every new show we've loved in the last two years has been British?"

Ripper Street
Wire in the Blood
State Within
Last Enemy
Blue Murder
The Last Detective
Downtown Abbey
Mr. Selfridge
How is Mr. Selfridge? I didn't realize it had begun airing on PBS until the second episode, and I'd already missed the first. I suppose they're probably on their website.

Also, did you ever watch Foyle's War? It's about a detective stationed in Hastings during WWII. It's understated, but the writing and acting are both superb. Michael Kitchen is especially wonderful. And it's full of great guest stars, like David Tennant and Emily Blunt and James McAvoy.
I really like Selfridge; I enjoy the history and the characters a great deal. Having worked retail for years, I find it very interesting how the small things were considered "shocking" back then. Just selling lipstick out in the open was considered obscene back then, so something like Selfridge putting a make-up counter in the store--and then putting up by the door, just freaked people out. I love those kinds of stories. Plus, oddly enough, this is the most subtle performance I've ever seen Piven give---which is funny, because Selfridge is a PT Barnum kind of character. Subtle he was NOT. But by modern standards, he kind of is.

I have only seen a little of Folyle's War. One of these days, I will have to make an effort to actually watch the whole thing.
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