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TFF is just so ridiculously absurd, it's hard not to love it. I think a lot of fans cringe and stick their noses up at it because they perceive themselves "above" the humor. The problem is, they're so busy rolling their eyes at the slapstick, that they miss some of the exceptionally well-place wit of the dialog.
Dialogue, no matter how witty, doesn't make up for a ridiculous plot, or the ruining of characters.

I mean, are we really to believe that Sybok can simply show people what they're afraid of and do some counseling, and suddenly the whole crew is ready to turn on Kirk? Sulu, Chekov, and Scotty literally JUST got done risking their lives and careers to help Kirk bring Spock back, and now they all turn on him? It just doesn't make any sense, and reeks of Shatner's obsession with his character.

Further evidence of this obsession is the stated reason of sending the broken Enterprise to go to Nimbus, that while other ships are available, no captains are. Seriously? So the entirety of Starfleet, compared to Kirk, is no so incompetent they can't even go negotiate for some hostages. I'm willing to buy the old "We're the only ship in range," but buying that other ships are there, but Starfleet just doesn't trust any of them. Nonsense.

Further, just PUT KIRK ON ANOTHER SHIP. Your plot has to make sense, or it won't be believable, and will suffer.

Gah, this movie sucks.

EDIT: And, we know that Sybok's ability isn't magic, because both McCoy and Spock were able to see through it. So the rest of the crew are just seen as gullible. And, in the original script, McCoy and Spock were going to turn! They refused to do the movie unless that was changed, and thank God, otherwise it would've had to be renamed The Kirk Movie.

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