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Re: Should the Doctor get a Tricorder? Oh wait, he has one apparently

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I didn't mind it in Akathen (no world has been more often misspelled than this in DW).
They clearly said that technology there was sound based, so the screwdriver didn't so much hold open a massive door but interacted with the mechanism behind it.

When he uses it as a scanner it irritates me more.
Interestingly enough the doctor USED to have a tricorder like device.
They should update that and then they have two toys to sell.

They don't even have to get technical about it. Just throw together some gizmo, call it timey-whimey dectector that goes DING! when there's stuff and be done with it.
Or we could just have better writers who are more creative.

If they did bring in a second gadget however, I'd like them to bring back the "sonic dracger" or whatever the sixth doctor used in attack of the cybermen (not sure if he had it in other episodes, but that's the only one I remember it in.).

While we're on the topic, I wouldn't mind seeing them redsign the sonic screwdriver either. I'd like a mix of Paul McGann's 2010 redesign one and the clasic one.
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