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Re: 7x09 Hide - rating and discussion thread

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I might be mis-remembering this but the only 'violent' action the creature takes is to save the Doctor from going over the cliff?

The idea that it is violent seems to exist purely in the head of the Doctor and the others, it is a being rather than a monster.
Yes, you're right (although I don't know about the cliff thing....I think the monster tackles the Doctor to prevent the Doctor from escaping without him---I could be wrong, though). I was merely responding to the wish of a previous poster that the love story be jettisoned and replaced with a "violent monster who traps and eats people in a pocket universe" story, which would be difficult to explain given that another monster of the same species exists in the house (sure, they could be two totally unrelated monsters with different personalities, but that's not really satisfactory from a dramatic perspective). Basically, the writer needed a plausible way to explain why one monster was waiting around and grabbing people's hands in a house, while another monster was desperate to get to our heroes, and an interdimensional love story fits the bill (I suppose it could also have been a parent-child thing...the monster in the house looked a lot smaller than the other one)
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