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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots! (Part 2)

I agree, I think it's very cool.

So, it turns out that the D'Deridex BOff arrangement is actually going to be different than what we can currently see on Tribble. That's encouraging.

For those of you who are concerned with the D'deridex Retrofit's bridge officers seating and such, this is another reminder that all the higher level stuff is unfinished. Our test build already has different seating.
From this post:

And some screengrabs.

I have determined that I do not care for the design of the Dhelan warbird. It's not very screenshot friendly for one thing. But I just find it a little jarring, especially after the somewhat graceful lines of the T'Liss.

And for some reason, my Romulan developed a sneer after allying with the KDF.

The New Romulus command center is pretty.

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