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Wow, you really seem to be missing the point. I'm not sure if you're just trying to play apologist for the episode because you personally like it, or if you just think the episode if good and seem personally invested that everyone has to think it's as awesome as you do.

Regardless, you seem to be missing the point. I don't care about a scene showing riots. I don't care about a scene showing peaceful people. The rioting was mentioned through exposition. It was brought up as a major plot point to show how much of a threat Paxton was. His dark cause is so threatening to the fabric of the potential Federation that people on Earth are rallying to his banner and things are looking bleak for our heroes. How it's brought up is irrelevant. That is was is good enough.

Then there's no resolution to this AT ALL. Exposition, scenery or otherwise. In true video game fashion, once Paxton his beaten his whole organization which apparently spanned the entire Earth Solar system falls in on itself, all his followers disperse and anyone sympathetic to his cause disappears never to be heard from again. That's bad writing. If they didn't want to deal with the consequences of such a plot point, they never should have brought it up to begin with. Certainly it bends credibility to the point of absurdity when the alien ambassadors were feeling so threatened by this to declare the time wasn't right for such a conference and Earth wasn't ready, to doing a complete 180 because beat the bad guy and gave an inspiring speech. As if Paxton's cause was limited to just himself solely because he's the bad guy.

You like the episode and it's message, that much is clear. I'd say it's a bit much to compare it to TUC other than to say they tried something similar. But whereas TUC successfully achieved this in a non-fairy tale fashion, Terra Prime just ended happily... because Archer gave a speech and no other reason than the script says so.
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