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Re: I could fix it if I just had the part!

A while back my dryer started sounding like a cross between a stuck pig and a Martian war machine. I was able to locate the exact parts you're talking about at a "appliance service" place that turned out to be within walking distance of my home. For about $20 and a couple of days of perspiration I was able to effect a repair that would have probably cost more than replacing the unit outright had it been done by a "professional". Domestic trauquility restored. I've also replaced the ignitor a couple of times. Bottom line, if the guys who fix these things for a living can get the parts you can too. I don't know if you live in a city or in the boonies but look for appliace services rather than hardware or appliance stores. Of course, it might turn out that the parts aren't made anymore, like the fan for my dehumidifier, which I've also replaced twice and am listening to drone on even as I type this. Good luck.
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