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Re: 7x09 Hide - rating and discussion thread

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...the "love story" bit at the end kind of killed it a little, why couldn't the monster have just been that? A malevolent monster the created the pocket universe to eat people or something? The boogeyman! It just felt sort of tacked on at the last minute.
I admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the monster love story either. But I figured the writer needed to provide some explanation and/or justification for the monster that was actually in the house (not the pocket universe). The only choices I can think of are:

  1. There is a single monster that can freely transport between the pocket universe and our world. But then why wouldn't it simply attack people in the house?
  2. There are two monsters with no love interest, one in the pocket universe and one in the house. But again, why would one be violent and the other not?
  3. There is only one violent monster, in the pocket universe. But then the episode would have been less scary (no handholding gag, no quick cuts of a shifting figure)
  4. Maybe the house monster just happens to be a pacifist or something.
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