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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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If we insist that the derivative tag is useful, shouldn't we actually use it?

For example, if the presence of a potted plant means Wall*E is ripped off, what does it mean that Oblivion's potted plant is immediately destroyed?
It was in Wall-E as well. Or an attempt was made once the AI knew about it. The only difference in Wall-E is that the humans are on the Tet and not the planet. In fact I wounder how many humans are really left and where the aliens from the tet were. Did the AI kill them too like the Starchild in MassEffect?

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Or, what does it mean that Oblivion's plot is far more like Impostor than Moon? (Impostor, a Gary Sinise movie where a heretofore unaware duplicate uses himself against the enemy.)

Or, how does the business with the ring and "seeing the future" resonate/metacomment on Love Affair/An Affair to Remember/Sleepless in Seattle?

Maybe we should try to get past the reviewers' effort to crush the movie and consider real questions instead. Why does 52 leave, just to spend three years searching for the woman who was about a hundred yards away? Was this a plausible route to a satisfying happy ending, or bad plotting for a wallow in sentimentality?
Who says 52 spent three years looking for anything. He looked perfectly happy doing his drone thing until 49 put a lock hold on him.
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