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Re: Your Favorite Ridiculous-Looking Alien Species

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Totally ridiculous. Is the Xindi-Aquatics. Whales with humanoid faces. WTF?
Glad you brought that up, because that's the exact same thing I thought when I first saw the Aquatics. Interesting idea, the "carting around a vast water supply in a spaceship" analogous to how we need to bring air with us in space, but oh so impractical... the added mass, you know, among other problems (like waste, food, etc).
Because mass is such a huge factor in the weightless environment of space.

Human starships have air filters, waste disposal plumbing where they recycle poop into boots, and bring and store prepared food in all that air environment. Why would doing the same in water be any more difficult?

I'd be much more interested to learn just how the heck they evolved to learn to use things like fire, electronics and such living under water. That's the biggest flaw in them I see, though it's possible the other Xindi races sorta forced the concepts on them or assisted in some way.

As for the faces? Well at least they're note humans with funny foreheads so I can give that one a pass.
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