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Re: TNG Caption This! 312: Bring on the comedy

Picard: "Make her sew."
Ro: "I ain't no goddamn seamstress!"

Data: "Perhaps you should reconfigure the secondary neural net buffer to handle multiphase processing and ease the burden off the primary buffers."
Riker: "I still reckon all she needs is a good lube job."
Crusher: "That what you said about Deanna when she was in here with a headache last month."
Riker: "It worked, didn't it?"
LaForge: "Stop back seat engineering!"

"Captain's Personal Log. I have located the one spot on the bridge where a shadow is cast that makes it look as if I still have a head of hair. The downside is that the port turbolift will now be out of commission as long as I remain Captain of the Enterprise."

Data: "Nice ass."
Troi: "Thanks... About this forcefield..."

What's the point of buying an HD screen if all you get is SD channels!
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