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Re: TNG Caption This! 312: Bring on the comedy

The Enterprise's high navigator turnover rate meant that Ro surviving threw everyone for a loop.

Geordi: Let's see... 50 teraquads of documentaries, 200 teraquads of porn, 30 teraquads of scientific knowledge...
Riker: Dr. Soong had some interesting... priorities.

No one expected the Picard Inquisition.

Captain's Log, supplemental: Having overshot my intended target time and date of return from the Nexus, I have decided to take steps to prevent the destruction of the Enterprise-D.

Picard: Did you honestly think you would win? You're just a butt-headed alien of the week. Your people will never be seen or referred to after this episode, while we will get 7 TV seasons, 4 movies, and countless novels. We have something you will never have - the support and backing of the writers... and liberal amounts of plot shielding.

Deep in the recesses of Paramount's studios, a cabal of executives are responsible for approving and vetoing the TNG creative staff's ideas. Today's topic: whether Data should wear a red shirt.
A business man and engineer discuss how to launch a communications satellite in the 1960s:
Biz Dev Guy: Your communications satellite has to be the size, shape, and weight of a hydrogen bomb.
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