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Re: Movie Caption Contest #234: Look out!

Crusher: Worf, is that you I hear?

Worf: Yes, Doctor. Why are your eyes closed?

Crusher: Standard procedure in case of loose Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts of Traal, Worf. I, um, lost my towel and had to improvise.

Picard: So much destruction, Will, what are we going to do?

Riker: Well, sir, there is a way we could go back in time to prevent all of this...

Leonard Nimoy: Bill, again, as a fellow director, I hate to step all over your motion picture directorial debut, but, what is going on with this scene?

William Shatner: It may look like crap now, but, trust me, when it gets re-released in 3-D for it's 30th anniversary, it's going to look awesome!
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