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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Does anyone recall whether sources like The Making of Star Trek mentioned the concept of needing "paired" nacelles for balance? I don't doubt there's some truth to the view that Roddenberry may have contrived the rules as stab against FJ, but I also keep thinking I'd heard this concept before.
All that crap came in the 90s from Okuda et al...
Up to that point there were hundreds of starship classes with 1, 3, or even more nacelles scattered throughout fandom, including previously-Licensed publishers like FASA... And let's not forget SFB...

The fact that the USS Columbia, Revere, and Entente are all mentioned early in ST-TMP at Epsilon 9, alone, justifies not only their existence but their existence as odd-numbered nacelle ships! As always: IMHO!

TPTB literally are The Powers That Be and they can do whatever the hell they want to with the Trek Universe, and fans must fall to their knees and accept it... Don't believe me? Watch this Trek film that came out in 2009...
It's ALL Gone Now!

They might've gained many new young fans, but they've Lost a number of Old fans!
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