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This synopsis sounds great... really looking forward to this one!

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RotF:ACoF begins in September 2162, nearly two years after Archer was last referred to as a captain. So there's been time for these characters to go through more than one change in rank.
I was actually a bit put off that Reed somehow managed to get to Captain already, but when you put it like this, I guess I'm good with it. TBH, I had completely forgotten the lieutenant commander reference from To Brave the Storm that The Wormhole mentioned... I thought last we had seen him, he was still a lieutenant. (I was also under the seemingly incorrect impression that United Earth Starfleet didn't have a lieutenant commander rank...)
To be honest, I don't actually remember the reference either. I was going to write that Lieutenant to Captain in less than five years seemed quite a jump, but then I was thinking "but where have I heared him referred to as 'Commander Reed'?" I then checked Memory Beta which said he was a Lt. Commander in To Brave the Storm.

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^On the show, Earth Starfleet didn't have a lieutenant commander rank. Apparently that changed by the time of the novels.
Although, I seem to recall that Reed was going to be a Lt. Commander in the show but was changed to Lieutenant when Dominic Keating was cast because he was "to young to be a Lt. Commander." Yeah, I know, not really relevant, I just point it out as a fun fact.

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It's a TV show. Nothing exists until someone writes it into an episode.
Yeah, like bathrooms. You going to argue that the ship never had any until we saw one?
Toilets have been seen twice, in the Enterprise's brig in Trek V and in the NX-01's decon chamber in the episode Observer Effect. Bathrooms themselves were mentioned in a Voyager episode (several of them on the ship were "offline" which was especially problematic for the ship's Bolian crew). Not to mention all the various references to "waste extraction" on DS9. Bathrooms might never have been seen, but they do canonically exist due to having been mentioned in dialogue.

Enterprise was on the air four years and in that time we never saw anyone ranked Lt. Commander nor was anyone of that rank mentioned. It's perfectly reasonable to assume such rank does not exist in the United Earth Starfleet.
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