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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Actually if you Really want to know where Class of 78 comes from, it's FASA, the Spaceflight Chronology universe which was, at the time, fully licensed by Paramount and pumping stuff out for them... Don't believe me? Checkout their TNG Officers Manual or sourcebook for TNG RPG... It sets TNG around the turn of the 24th Century (which not too surprisingly ties into all the TV ads about "The 24th Century is coming or is here" for "Encounter at Farpoint" way back when in the 80s)... In other words, Data graduated in 2278 A.D. going by that timeline...
Two pieces of information would seem to work against the 2278 date:

The Neutral Zone wrote:
DATA: By your calendar two thousand three hundred sixty four.
The Voyage Home wrote:
KIRK: Ha, ha, ha... Okay, the truth. ...I am from what, on your calendar, would be the late twenty-third century.
It seems that by the time of Star Trek, people are no longer using a Gregorian calendar. So while the 'Class of '78' was likely meant to refer to some year ending in 78, it is contradicted by other lines from other episodes/movies. Plus, in order to get Data into the 24th Century where TNG takes place, it means he is at least a twenty-two year veteran of Starfleet. Which I don't buy.

Datalore wrote:
DATA: I was discovered twenty six years ago.
Which means that he would've had to have entered Starfleet almost immediately upon his discovery and the TNG takes place absolutely no later than 2304.

The above dates would also seem to work against Decker's line that V'ger was launched from Earth three-hundred years ago. Which would seem to place TOS somewhere in, at the earliest, the early/mid-2270's.
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