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Re: VOY Caption Contest 106; Returning to the Fold

Sulu: Did you bring my Milanos?
Tuvok: I did not.
Sulu: That's why you're still an ensign.
Janeway: I like the cut of his jib.
Tuvok: Captain, I -
Janeway & Sulu: Milanos!

Chakotay: Which side are we on again?
Paris: The Blue.
Chakotay: That clears it up, thanks.

Neelix: Would you like your juice or your enema first?
Tuvok: Surprise me.

Zimmerman: Do you want me to save all these files titled "Kes Japanese Schoolgirl?"

I'll make more either way.

Neelix: I can make a flute from this femur.
Hogan: Ooh! I want to make a xylophone.
Neelix: Do you know Steppin' Out?
Hogan: Um, there's no flute or xylophone in Steppin' Out.
Neelix: Like you can play xylophone.

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