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Re: Should the Doctor get a Tricorder? Oh wait, he has one apparently

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Yeah I'm ready for them to toss the thing too. JNT implement a lot of changes that fans didn't like, but one thing he did right was get rid of the Sonic and force the writers to be a bit more creative.
Creative in what sense? Standing around trying to get out of a room doesn't actually demand any creative thought. Philip Sandifer cover that perfectly:

The idea that the sonic screwdriver encourages lazy scriptwriting, on the other hand, may be even more bewildering.

In that it seems to suggest, allegedly seriously, that the purpose of Doctor Who is to watch the Doctor do clever things with locks. If anything the sonic screwdriver discouraged lazy scriptwriting because it made it harder to justify putting the Doctor in an endless sequence of captures and escapes.

It dramatically reduced the amount of stupid padding that could be shoved into a story, and it does so even more in its modern day version as a tool that can accomplish anything so long as it wouldn’t be more interesting to do it another way. But as of The Visitation lazy scriptwriters can now stretch episodes out with lengthy amounts of fiddling with wires manually. Thrilling. What an improvement.
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