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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Yes, but there are several other playoff rematch storyline games that will probably make it to SNF during the season. Not as unique a storyline as, say, Peyton and Eli playing what'll probably be their last game against each other or Peyton returning to Indy or Shanahan returning to Denver. So many Denver games with storylines like that this season, and they can't put them all on NBC.
Looks like they did indeed choose BAL @ DEN for the opener.
Yeah, I was a bit surprised that they made that one a primetime game, and not Denver@NYG, which is probably the final game ever between Peyton and Eli. I guess the intrigue threshold is higher for AFC-NFC matchups than for matchups within the conference.
I'm not surprised that this is the one they chose... They wanted the Ravens to be the first game of the season, and because they couldn't work something out for the Ravens to be at home, their options were:
  • Broncos
  • Bills
  • Dolphins
  • Steelers
  • Browns
  • Bears
  • Lions
  • Bengals
From that list, we can immediately nuke the Bills, Dolphins, Browns, and Lions as intriguing options for the primetime season opener. Now, out of the remaining 4 games, which matchups are people really going to care about and really want to see? The Steelers and the Broncos. Steelers v. Ravens has the benefit of being a rivalry that regularly produces good, entertaining games. However, the Broncos v. Ravens has the huge revenge game angle going for it.

In fact, looking at the Ravens schedule, there's only 3 games that I can see being used as the first game of the season, and 2 of them are home games (Patriots and Packers).
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