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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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The NFL will announce the 2013 schedule on Thursday night, at 8pm Eastern:

Of course, we already know what all the matchups will be. That's been known for several months now:

But with the schedule release on Thursday night, we'll learn what order the games will be played in, which matchups get primetime billing and the like.
If they put one of the Seattle/49ers games on NBC (Should be both by the way, or at least both in Prime Time), I will be happy.
SF@Seattle (in Week 2) is an NBC Sunday night game, but Seattle@SF (in Week 14) is just a Sunday afternoon game. Granted, the latter is in the "flex" portion of the schedule, so there's always an outside chance that it'll get moved to Sunday night if the intrigue is high enough.
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