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Re: Enterprise Cutaway Coming From Dragon Models

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That's your opinion, but I've seen none better... Flashier, more colorful, bigger, glossier, and higher in resolution...Yes. But none Better...

FJ got there first and set the standard which influenced countless other Booklets of General Plans... That can't be taken away...
Well, if we're going to drag opinion into this, then I am a huge fan of FJ's work. The Technical Manual and the Booklet of General Plans are both incredible triumphs in terms of sheer creativity and professionalism and they exhibit a very logical thought process--one which set a high bar for technical fiction, indeed, practically inventing the genre. I have nothing but praise for FJ's work and still regularly look through both of them... far more often than I peruse the pages of the flashier, newer stuff like the DS9 tech manual or even the TNG TM. In fact, it's fair to say that my private Star Trek universe that exists in my brain skews more towards the FJ material than what we did see on the show...

...which brings me to the next point.

If we look over the FJ work and compare them to what most fans would look for in something like this--fidelity to what was shown on-screen--then FJ is hardly definitive. His work is plainly, objectively, at variance with the source material. He personally stated, more than once, than he was drawing the ship as he thought it should be, as a real life engineer, rather than sticking slavishly to what appeared on-screen. And the differences are so extensive that any but the most casual observer will start picking out the differences one at a time. If you do what I have done (and plenty of others even on this board) and compare it all to stuff from the show, you'll eventually find that not a single page actually definitively matches anything on the show.

It's all close, but the FJ stuff is explicitly a gentle re-imagining.

That's all I'm saying...

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