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Re: Do we want to know the Doctor's secret?

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Are we looking at this too literally?
I think so. I mean, unless his "real name" turns out to be The Master or Davros or something, who really cares?
Yeah. If he has a generic alien sounding name like Filleaster Altobar or whatever, then there's no point in even saying it. Well, unless Moffat wanted to make the point that having a mystery surrounding the Doctor's name is silly and that the REAL mystery should be such and such.

Or there could be a reason that the Doctor can never speak his own name without facing terrible consequences. That could be interesting- an ancient evil will be released when the name of the Doctor is spoken aloud, or something more Moffaty.

Or maybe there is a mystery surrounding his back-story that he hasn't even solved yet. They did make a point of showing us that the Doctor has been carrying around his own baby crib/cot for 1,000 years and then pointed out to the audience that it has Gallifreyan writing on it. Perhaps baby Doctor was found in a cot with the words "Run you clever boy and remember" written on it so they called him Rycbar and he stole a Tardis and ran... but he still doesn't know what he was supposed to run from or remember. But Clara is the key!

Or they could just pick a name mythological name like God or Death or Lucifer to fuck with the audience.

Or they could name him Oswin Geronimo. I'd buy Moffat a drink if he did that! Just a thanks for the sheer entertainment value it would bring to the internet.

I just hope there is something after all the build up.
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