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Re: Terrorism/Bombings

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Well, for those who feel offended about my comments, I would like to let you know that I feel regret and shame for having posted that comment.

As for watching the film, the discretion of watching it is left to the individual. I read once that many veterans of World War II were incapable of watching war films because it would bring up those memories and feelings to the surface.
Are we really comparing the rinky-dink fourth rate terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon to World War II?
We are not comparing them, per se. throwback was citing an example of people being unable to watch movies which reminded them of traumatic experiences they'd been through personally. Referring back to the question asked at the beginning of this thread:
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In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, will Harrison's terrorist actions/bombings in the movie be too much to stomach?
I think that, for those who either:
A) went through the the Boston bombing and/or its aftermath themselves
B) were indirectly involved by way of having friends or relatives among the casualties or the emergency response/law enforcement contingent
there may some scenes in this movie which they would find disturbing to one degree or another. As individuals, they're each looking at a similar problem to that faced by one of the combat veterans cited above: PTSD, and avoiding certain triggers may be something those people will have to do for years to come, perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Do I think that the events in Boston are likely to have a significant effect on the movie's performance at the box office? It's an interesting question, given the timing, but no - I think that effect will be negligible, as the number of people thus affected is statistically quite small. As much attention as it got in the media, it was still essentially a local incident.
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