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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Avro Arrow wrote: View Post
(Didn't the book say that "Slider Dan" was the name the Janus VI miners gave him, or am I misremembering that? It would be cool if he was actually Naraht... but I have no idea if Tony Daniel has even heard of Naraht.)
My theory: Margaret Clark was editor for this one, and she certainly knows of Naraht. Only four of the five Star Clan Hortas are named in the novel (Slider Dan, Missile-in-Rock, Hot-John and Crumblecake), and five Hortas are said to be off to the Academy. Naraht was probably the fifth one in the new clan, without spelling it out.

I read it as my returning-home-from-UK novel and enjoyed it a lot. A few things seemed off. The romance stuff was clunky. Is Spock really that much taller than Kirk that only one of them was uncomfortable walking in low caves?

The Horta stuff was great, but then I've also enjoyed Diane Duane's Naraht scenes - and past Horta-centred novels by other authors, such as the novels "Dyson Sphere" and "Devil in the Sky".

hbquikcomjamesl wrote: View Post
One thing about Naraht: when I looked him up on Memory Beta, I found given names attached to him that I never saw before. Whence came they?
IIRC, this is from his personnel file in the text-based computer game, "The Kobayashi Alternative", in which he is a featured player. (Ah, CLB has already confirmed it.)

Ktrek wrote: View Post
It was so poorly written it has me even thinking about no longer collecting Star Trek fiction.
That's a bit rough: judging all future ST fiction because you disliked one new book's style. If you're that worried about being exposed to such books, why not wait till some reviews come out before rushing to buy?
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