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Should the Doctor get a Tricorder? Oh wait, he has one apparently.

Something has been bugging me in nuWho, more so this season than ever, the use of the sonic screw driver.

Upon its very first introduction in Doctor Who from the 2nd Doctor, the sonic screw driver never had as many abilities as it does now. In fact, the very first use of the sonic screw driver was the Doctor demonstrating how it can unscrew a screw, sonically, without even touching it (Fury from the Deep). We've moved far past that little scene with today's sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor today takes the sonic screw driver, waves it around, then looks at it with his eyes, like he's reading a display, or readout on it, yet, it has no displays and no readouts. So what is he looking at? He's able to gain so much information from just waving that sucker around. Is it maybe sending the info into his brain telepathically?

At this point, why don't they just come right out and say the thing can act like a tricorder, taking readings and giving the doctor information. Or, if they are going to keep doing this, just dedicate a tricorder like device to him already. I just want some kind of explanation as to how that little thing is giving him so much info, when all its meant to do is act on things, sonically.

It really has become a dues ex machina, it is able to fix anything. Doors? No problem, it can hold them open! Heh, honestly, it has become too much of a crutch, and I believe WAY WAY WAY overused.

I'm ready for the thing to get destroyed already.
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