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Re: Was ANYTHING retained when the Enterprise was refit?

While the new Enterprise Class looks great on screen, I've always bitched about how it was Too different from the old ship... Too many liberties were taken with resizing and reshaping the hulls... Plus when you look at the different deck plans (compare, for instance, FJ's blueprints to, say, Strategic Design's 1701-A Deck Plans) with the addition of airlock lift hatches, the vertical intermix shaft, antimatter pods... It simply would have been more efficient to built a brand new ship from the keel up rather than "deconstruct" the Enterprise... If there's anything of the old ship left, it's got to be the innermost structural supports, because all the outer hull skin is Gone, interior compartments are rebuilt and moved around... The redundancy of the secondary hull having duplicate systems of the primary hull are gone... Instead they opted for consolidating things: instead of multiple little rec rooms scattered about, they have one huge one... Instead of various different cargo holds on different decks, they have one huge cargo facility in the secondary hull, etc...
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