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Re: "What You Leave Behind" Line-by-Line

I don't know every episode either. I never claimed to. In fact I admitted as much by saying I looked up episodes to get lines. Not transcripts, but the episodes, some at other at hulu some at personal sites or old MySpace accounts. Basically I scoured the web looking. If I had the episode on DVD (which would be TNG and DS9 and now season 1 of Enterprise) I'd take time to write out the transcripts. I also had, I stopped once I noticed this was going by transcripts, written out episodes I wanted to do while other line by lines were being done, I posted once or twice or just enough to be on the list AND to keep ahead of the primary whiner of not being able to post because the line by lines were going to fast for him to post (Oh, Boo-Hoo!) and then the whiner rarely gets into the double digits in posting so I have no idea why he bitched anyway. I stopped doing that too, because he is just a whiner.

If I don't have or can't find an episode or missed the part where I could put in a line because I was busy, I was not in that line by line. Never bothered me that I couldn't get in on my own ability.
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