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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


The hirogen attack species8472 . I think the hirogen are going to get their asses kicked. Why is Seven hanging out on the bridge? Janeway certainly has a lot of patience with her. Janeway is very compassionate, and I sense she really wants to help Seven, but how much back talk will she take before her and Seven have to have a serious discussion? I just do not understand the role of Seven yet, although I love the acting! There just has not been enough conflict with her entry into the crew.

Members of Voyager board the damaged hirogen vessel. They save the pilot,and bring him to sickbay. Species 8472 also goes to the ship. The hirogen bargains with Janeway to let him hunt with her, and he will tell his species to leave Voyager alone.

Six ships are closing on their position, so time is running short in the hunt. 8472has sealed off a deck disabled the life support, and eliminated gravity. The crew, in their gravity suits, goes in with the hunter. There is a firefight, but the hirogen goes for a kill, making tuvok shoot him in the back. 8472 is injured and constrained by a force field. It makes a psychic link with tuvix, telling the story of its war against the Borg and how it only wants to go home. The captain tells seven to make a link to fluidic space, but she refuses. I think Janeway is losing her patience with Seven.

The six hirogen ships arrive, and they aren't ready. The hirogen approaches the force field, wanting to kill the alien, but the alien breaks free first. Seven hacks the transporters and beams them both to a hirogen ship. Voyager breaks free and flies to safety. Janeway reams Seven a new one, finally putting her into rank and file. She loses almost all of her privileges, and can either work astrometrics or stay in the cargo bay for the rest of the journey.

I assume the Hirogen will be the next antagonists for little while...At least I hope so. They amuse me with their hunting mentality. I do kind of wish we would have found out if the cauldron of boiling meat was their would make a difference in how Startrek perceives them (at least I assume it would...I don't feel like Janeway would be as compasionate toward cannibals...)

Favorite part: Janeway finally puts Seven in her place.

Least favorite part: I really didn't dislike anything in this episode... Simply a well constructed piece of Star Trek !!!
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