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Re: More Star Wars films announced

DarthTom wrote: View Post
One thing that is guaranteed IMO to be in any of these films are adorable creatures that can be part of Disney's merchandising plan for younger children.
I remember a Steven Spielberg movie I watched last night that had an adorable creature in it and it was cute...

Until those iguana things came out of its neck and it stared spitting poison loogies into people's eyes and then it ate the mailman from Seinfeld alive literally and horrifically (though off screen) while he was screaming from it.

Danger Ace wrote: View Post
How long before franchise fatigue will set in? One lesson history teaches us more often than any other is that we never learn from history.
Yeah, I tend to look at the franchise fatigue argument as covering up the real reason Star Trek died....

Basically it stared to suck.
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