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TOS Caption Contest #272: The Caption of Gothos

Hello everyone! Thanks for your patience with my delays! Lets get to it!

First up to the plate, we have the "Dangerous Hairpieces" Award, going to:

Maurice wrote: View Post

BONES: I told you that wig was generating more heat than Chekov's brain could handle!
Next, we have the "If we're all here..." Award, going to:

Dale Sams wrote: View Post

"Psst...Uhura. Is there *anyone* on the Bridge?"

Next, we have the "Proper Attention" Award, going to:

Melakon wrote: View Post

Kirk: Bones, Spock. Since you are playing this tape, we will assume that-- HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU!

Next, we have the "Hope McCoy has a great Malpractice Lawyer" Award, going to:

Diesel Micky Dolenz wrote: View Post

<off screen> McCoy: "Nurse, is Mr. Chekov here for a tonsillectomy or a vasectomy? Aw, screw it. We'll just do both."

Next, we have the "Take only as directed by your Doctor or Bartender" Award, going to:

Isis wrote: View Post

McCoy: "If it's in a beaker, it's medicinal."

Spock: "Indeed."
Our Photoshop award goes to:

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

MCCOY: And one for my homies.

Triskelion wrote: View Post

Scotty: Screwdriver?
Bones: No, some nurse.
Many thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to our winners!

So here's the story, LeadHead is busy, busy, busy, the next month. Here's hoping for punctual contests, but can't guarantee it. I apologize in advance for delays that may/will occur. Just too much going on at the moment. Thanks for your patience.

And now...

Many thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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