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Re: What is "canon?"

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Let's see how that works with Disney in charge.

Was Lucas that loose with folks violating his IPs?
Disney is gonna go Tiberian Batshit Crazy... I heard they want to pump out a new Star Wars movie Every Year, whether it is a mainstream "Episode" or some wacko Star Wars spinoff... As if I hadn't recovered from those made-for-TV "Ewok" movies!! After what they paid Lucas for it, they're gonna milk it Dry! And I pity the fan who enjoyed the "Expanded Universe" of Star Wars in the books and RPG... Abrams is gonna step in there and most likely screw the crap out of continuity in much the same way he wiped Trek continuity out of existence in '09!
The big difference though is: Abrams is gonna do is Slowly rather than with one big temporal BS jump... He's gonna tear a little off here, a little off there, and more there, and over there, and back there... <<<RRRRR! ARRRRRR!>> In the end it'll look like a bald Wookie that stumbled out of Mr. Mott's shop on a bad day...

Like setting Episode VII 40+ years after Episode IV... No problem except you won't see or hear of a Jacen or Jayna but maybe a Bill and Ted... And Chewie'll still be alive and howling... And the Empire will still be hounding down Rebels, maybe with a Death Star III... Oh yeah, the Pain...the Pain!

Know why? Just as Abrams isn't a Trek fan, he's really Not a Star Wars fan either--that is, he'll watch the movies but won't touch the books...

And all the Fans will Suffer For It!

And there's nothing in the universe that any fan can do to stop it from happening either!

I have foreseen it!
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