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Re: What is "canon?"

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Heck, as I recall, I saw THE PHANTOM MENACE on opening night with a whole gang of STAR TREK authors. None of us thought we were crossing enemy lines or anything.
The one fan feud which always made me chuckle: "Star Trek" versus "Space:1999" back in the 70s. For those who can, check out the early Starlogs or fanzines where some went at it.

I never understood it as, back then, decent science-fiction series' were few and far between (here in the United States). I mean Space:1999 looked good, had a fine cast and somewhat enteraining stories (though I haven't seen an episode since it went out of production).
I loved Space: 1999, at least the first season... But I Can see where a certain rivalry could spring up... A fan named James Dixon invented what he called COST (Copy Old Star Trek) Syndrome to explain these early SF shows failings...
Rather than being unique SF series, conquering the genre in their own styles, they caved-in to Trek's mold in an attempt to sucker-in Trek fans... COST works like this:
1. Owing to the popularity of the Spock character, add a token alien to the show. A regular which would hopefully be a new hearthrob to the new SF generation. This is usually accomplished with simple facial makeup. Space: 1999 gave us Maya, complete with upturned eyebrows and a computer-like mind. Buck Rogers gave us Hawk, a chicken man with a feathered headdress! TNG's token "alien" was Data and, if you prefer, Worf.
2. Emphasis more on Action, as in fist-fights.
3. More "message" episodes, even if the morality theme is cardboard-thin and so obvious that a 5-year old could get it.
4. Have Costuming change or implement snazzier uniforms. Perhaps more nautical in tone or emphasizing a chain-of-command. The new uniforms on Space: 1999 appeared out of nowhere at the start of the second season. Trek did this to itself, too, with ST II's maroon uniforms, implying a more militaristic background.

I personally blame this on Fred Freiberger taking the helm with the 2nd season...
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