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Re: What is "canon?"

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I read the books and I watch the TV series/movies. All I want to be is entertained. If they don't agree with each other, no big deal. If Joe Fan wants to hock his fanzine at a con, I don't care, I wouldn't buy it anyway. The "official" stuff makes for good reference and usually avoids editorializing.
I, for one, can respect that.

Another aspect to the whole "canon" debate (and forgive me if it has already been said) is to what degree folks are willing to go on the subject.

I mean some violations maybe pretty obvious, some just below the surface, but others can be pretty obscure or more minutiae than anything. Not to mention the self-appointed "canon-hawks" who enjoy making like J. Edgar Hoover in uncovering and debating ad nauseum alleged violations.

My biggest problems with the some of the books lay in stories that are just too absurd in content and scope to allow for a rationale hook by which to hang one's "willful suspension of disbelief." Some are just crammed with wild shenanigans into them only to have things reset in one or two paragraphs near the end. More then a few of the novels were shameful (eg "Black Fire"), in my opinion.

I should note, I have only read one Trek novel since the mid-80s and there maybe greater efforts made to ground the more fantastical elements into somewhat believable frameworks.
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