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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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From an earlier recent statement by Big Daddy:

And the press conference is....
"We fucked up. We have no clue where the terrorist is, or how the fuck we missed hitting him last night. Our bad, go about your way." - Mass State Police

That makes me feel safe.

Would you care to amend said statement? I admit when I heard the curfew was being lifted, with no solid reports of a capture at the time, that didn't sit well at the time. Could it have been a tactic of some kind?
No. I'm good with what I said, and stand by it. He got out of the search area and after the illegal police state was lifted a citizen found him in his boat.

So the cops fucked up big time.
I usually hate these things, but you deserve it:

I'd ask you to do us all a favor and think before posting again, but you actually did get a chance to think this time and decided to double-down on the stupid, so I'll just ask you to please shut up instead.

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Now we wait for Dennis Lehane to write the novelization.
Talking to Wolf Blitzer (who really should be the terrorist with that Die Hard villain name) he said he'd be fine with writing an article (and as Tora Ziyal posted he already did), but that he wouldn't write a novelization because he's too close to it and "it's not really his style" (his words).
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