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A question concerning the ranks. Shouldn't Archer be a Commodore? We know from First Flight that rank is used in the 22nd century. Also, as I recall Reed's rank was Lt. Commander in the last Romulan War book, and now he's a Captain? Or is his actual rank still Lt. Commander (or possibly full Commander) but he's called Captain Reed because he now commands a ship?
Keep in mind that the last time we definitely see Archer as a captain in the novels is in November 2160, a few months after the war ends. In the chapter of To Brave the Storm that depicts the Federation's founding ceremony, Archer's rank is not mentioned, nor is anybody else's. (TATV doesn't count since the books have treated it as a historically inaccurate reconstruction.) RotF:ACoF begins in September 2162, nearly two years after Archer was last referred to as a captain. So there's been time for these characters to go through more than one change in rank.

This was intentional. I didn't want to pick up exactly where the previous book left off. I wanted there to be enough of a break between The Romulan War and Rise of the Federation that I could make a fresh start, that this would clearly be the beginning of a new era. So there's been time for a fair amount of change in the characters' lives since the last time you saw them -- not unlike the transition from TOS/TAS to TMP, or from TMP to TWOK. When you pick up this book, you'll find that most of the characters are in new positions -- sometimes just the same job on a different ship, sometimes a more significant change.
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