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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Hang on. I'm sorry? What? The framing still doesn't match that on the 4:3 SD, Sins of the Fathers. It's been left the same as the sampler? Which was clearly zoomed in too much. Erm... why? As I understand it, it was only like that, because of early days experimenting to see how TNG would look cropped to 16:9. Which didn't work. I seem to recall reading that was admitted. So why couldn't that single episode have been redone, while the others of this season were?
Two likely reasons: money and time -- money being the most important of the two. The ultimate decision not to fix the framing probably came directly from the executives in charge of the project at CBS. They consider the episode finished (once the missing 13 seconds was located and scanned). I'm sure the folks at CBS digital would have liked to have fixed the framing but they were probably told not to.

To be fair, this is not a catastrophic problem (not that I'm saying you think so) as the framing represents the "action safe" area that was intended for picture tubes back in 1990. The only problem is that even today most HDTV's ship with a slight overscan turned on by default and the consumer has to be technically savvy enough to know how to turn it off. So this particular episode will look a little too much cropped on the top and bottom on most consumer's TV's and things like titles will be outside of the normal "title safe" area.

It's unfortunate, but we've known for quite a while that it wasn't going to be addressed. Think of it as the Persian flaw of Season Three on Blu-ray.
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