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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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I have to say these two terrorists are the most stupidest terrorists ever.
No, they're above average as far as terrorists go by virtue of the fact that their bombing plot actually succeeded where so many others fail. Albeit their plot was fairly modest in scope compared to state sponsored or more organized terrorist groups like al Qaeda.

If terrorists were mostly geniuses, they'd probably find another line of work. The leaders, planners, and facilitators are usually smart guys, but the foot soldiers and cannon fodder --the guys taking the most risk-- are usually insular, ignorant, and easily suggestible. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and fanatical ideology can sometimes convince even smart people to do stupid things, but for the most part that's true.

The shoe bomber failed because he had sweaty feet that dampened the fuse after he had to wear his shoes a day longer than expected. The underwear bomber got jumped and hit with fire extinguishers when he set his pants on fire (which was the actual plan). The Times Square Bomber double parked at a weird angle, left the hazard lights on in his unoccupied car, and it started smoking. These aren't the best and the brightest. But even so, in the case of the first two at least, their schemes would have been successful in severely damaging or destroying their planes if not for dumb luck and dumb terrorists. It's not like it always takes a complex plot to be a successful bomber.

In the case of these two, they were fairly well educated (the younger brother more so). But intelligent or not, there's only so long you can hide when a sizable chunk of the nation's law enforcement resources are working 24/7 to catch you.

A more apt description of these guys would be what their rather amusing uncle called them originally: losers. They escaped a war-torn oppressive region and came to a country where they had plenty of opportunities to succeed and in the case of the previously outgoing and well-respected and well-liked younger brother, were actually doing that right up until they decided to squander it all and throw not only their own lives away but the lives of several innocents. They're not lacking in intelligence, though their actions certainly were at times. Fanaticism and antisocial behavior (especially in the older brother) will do that to you.

They lived two miles away from the site of the bombings, they then decided to rob a store five hours after the Boston police announced they were looking for our suspects. Next these Tsarnaev brothers kill a police officer some distance away from the store they robbed, and that was only a mile away from the site of the bombings.
They didn't rob the 7/11. That was just a very unfortunately timed and located coincidence that caused confusion.

But it's worth recapping. Here is a revised one via the Massachusetts State Police:

"2224 MIT Police get calls for what sounds like shots

"2228 Armed Robbery of 7-11 750 Mass Ave (not bombers)

"2229 MIT Officer found shot, request for ALS from Cambridge

"2231 Call comes in for car-jacking that took place at 816 Memorial Drive

"Some time later: MBTA police spots car and pursuit ends in Watertown"
How the younger brother escaped from the clutches of the police at that point is a mystery to me, everyone nearby in the houses would have woken up to the sound of gunfire, and God knows how many cops were there surrounding that crashed car as these suspects made their last stand. How Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wriggled out of that one I don't know.
How about it was the middle of the night and very dark, it was an extremely tense and confusing situation, the older brother provided a distraction by going after police with the IEDs and gunfire on foot, and there was smoke everywhere from the grenades, IEDs, and gunfire. The visibility was so bad that the younger brother ran over the older brother while trying to run over the police, and he bought himself some time to escape when they scattered from the path of the car. He put some distance between them, then ditched the car and went to find a place to hide. It's not rocket science.

Even on 24 where you seem to be getting your conspiracy theories from, did they ever actually set up an airtight perimeter no matter how many times they assured the CTU head or president of the week that they had? Even in fictional terrorism land it's hard to do.

Finally nearly twenty hours later and with most of Watertown locked down for most of that time, in a state of martial law with the army searching residences without any regard to search warrants.
You're talking out of your ass here. Besides the fact that it was law enforcement doing the searching and not "the army" (the National Guard mostly established perimeters and provided air support like the Blackhawk helicopters; they had no arrest authority) they didn't need search warrants because of the emergency exception to the warrant requirement, and because, as far as I'm aware, everyone whose home was searched in the Watertown area gave them consent to search due to the gravity of the situation (not that they would have needed it on account of the emergency situation, but still).

Dzhokhar is found hiding in someone's boat in a back garden less than a kilometre away from the shoot-out with the cops. The police and army messed up big time here, and Dzhokhar was found by the resident who owned that boat, after the resident left his property to check on his boat when the stay-indoors order was lifted.
They didn't mess anything up, they had a boatload (pardon the pun) of crowded and occupied territory in the middle of a major city to search. House to house searching and urban combat are the most dangerous and time intensive kind.

The resident calls the police and Dzhokhar is at last caught, and the resident only noticed anything suspicious because there were bloodstains on the path leading to this boat. Which warrants the question, if the police and army had searched this house and presumably the back garden, why didn't they notice the bloodstains?
Because the guys from Psych, The Mentalist, and Criminal Minds who notice miniscule things with one glance and record it with their photographic memories aren't real, and besides, they hadn't searched that house.

The police had hundreds of occupied homes to search over dozens of square miles during the middle of a crisis. You make it sound as if it was as simple as finding Waldo or doing a word search. Just because you can't conceive of these things with your less than even a layman's understanding of them doesn't make them suddenly become a conspiracy.

Don't be like one of those "loose change" doofuses. Skepticism and questioning the status quo is okay, but what you're doing is actually the opposite of skepticism, despite how conspiracy theorists like to portray themselves.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.

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