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Re: Terrorism/Bombings

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Please don't spam; use
You really need to stop harassing and refrain from willfull misuse of terms such as "spam." If you feel the need to correct or point something out then please do so politely, it would be appreciated.

Also, a link to the appropriate "help" page regarding "multi-quote" would have been a thoughful addition to your correction as "mult-quote" is a feature that I personally am unfamiliar with. Perhaps if you restrained yourself from trying to ascribe dire meanings or motivations to my postings we could all enjoy friendlier interactions.

Please note I am looking to avoid any escalations of hostilites.

Definition of "spam": "Send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet."

Each one of my posts were unique and in response to what was written previously. Was there an alternate way of posting perhaps, however, that should be a matter of choice.

Thank you and with all due respect.
Danger Ace

Yes, Virginia, this post is an expression of my opinion.

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