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Re: Terrorism/Bombings

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I felt they had to know the meaning of Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon to the people of Boston.
Yeah really. I had never heard of Patriots Day before. I didn't think some guy in Yemen would have known about it.
It could be the Patriot's Day thing was just a coincidence. Hell, I'm an American and I had no idea that Monday was "Patriot's Day."

I think more people have heard of the Boston Marathon . . . .
Yeah, the "Patriot's Day" angle is completely conjectural. People fill in the blanks with all kinds of stupid stuff.

The "meaning of the Boston Marathon" is a big gathering of people in an unsecured public place. This isn't rocket science, and there's no need for people to congratulate themselves in retrospect because they made wild guesses and now can fit some of them into a narrative; it's offensive.
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