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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I wanted to take a break from the McCoy stories so I ventured out yesterday to find myself another serial. I knew it would be more expensive to purchase one in a store rather than online, but I didn't feel like waiting to get it shipped.

I first tried to go after "The Twin Dilemma," but I was unable to find it anywhere (though just now I saw the first part is on youtube, I may give it a go there. Anyways, to make a long story short I went ahead and got the DVD set: Doctor Who: The Beginning. I figured it's about time I acquaint myself with the first Doctor:

An Unearthly Child

I'm not sure what my expectations were when I fired this one up. I knew it involved the Doctor as an old man travelling with his granddaughter and two school teachers. Well, I enjoyed the hell out of it, the first part of the four part serial kept me hooked as Ian and Barbara attempted to suss out the mystery of Susan (and by accident I watched both the "pilot" and the broadcast version, which actually left me a little disappointed with the broadcast version as some of the ideas put forth in the "pilot" were much more interesting than what we ended up with.

The second two parts of the serial drug a bit. I really enjoyed the first part because Ian and Barbara (and Susan and the Doctor) were such interesting characters, they seemed to take a back seat as we watched the story of the cavemen. Which in itself was interesting, so I'm not complaining too much about it. It's also nice in a way that I ended up watching this right after Remembrance of the Daleks as that serial had several call backs to this one. It's little touches like that which is the reason I love Doctor Who.

All in all, this was a strong opener, and I actually really like the First Doctor now. I did see him one other time in The Five Doctors but I'm not sure that completely counts

Up next: The Daleks. I can't wait to see this one, the first appearance of the Daleks should be a real corker. I like to watch these things in one sitting though, so I might have to wait till I can find time to watch all seven episodes of the serial.
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