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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Hang on. I'm sorry? What? The framing still doesn't match that on the 4:3 SD, Sins of the Fathers. It's been left the same as the sampler? Which was clearly zoomed in too much. Erm... why? As I understand it, it was only like that, because of early days experimenting to see how TNG would look cropped to 16:9. Which didn't work. I seem to recall reading that was admitted. So why couldn't that single episode have been redone, while the others of this season were? I thought it was definitely going to be, after it had been raised as an issue on the sampler.

It won't cause me to cancel my preorder, but disappointed the episode has come around (after however many months it's been known about) now as part of the one Season at a time remastering work and has just been left incorrectly framed.
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