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Re: Have we witnessed the death of intelligent TV?

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no seriously everyone, watch some BBC4. i'm sure you can find it somewhere no matter your location. you'll be like 'i need some dumb tv to cool my brain' afterwards.
Heh. Last night, after watching yet another new (as in "new to us") series on Netflix, hubby turned to me, rather shocked and said, "Do you realize that every new show we've loved in the last two years has been British?"

Ripper Street
Wire in the Blood
State Within
Last Enemy
Blue Murder
The Last Detective
Downtown Abbey
Mr. Selfridge

....We've loved all of these, discovered them in the last two years or so, but there aren't many new shows on US TV that we're really enjoying. I think, at best, it's just a lukewarm interest. I think Copper is the only "new" show I really like but it's going into its second year---and it's produced by BBCA. The few US shows that I really care about and appreciate are almost all on cable networks.

So, yeah, I think there's lots of intelligent programming out there, you just have to search for it. But network programming has always been fairly dumb and generally crap, anyway.
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