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Re: Have we witnessed the death of intelligent TV?

Amen. You don't even have to go for the prestige stuff. Nostalgia aside, does anybody really think that "Adam-12" or "Dragnet" was smarter than "CSI"
Yeah, I think "Dragnet" was smarter than "CSI." My grandfather was a cop, my dad was a cop, I'm a lawyer and I used to be [part time limited duty] cop. So I speak from experience

Dragnet is flawed television. However, to this day that show is still more realistic than most of what passes for "reality" TV, especially in the area of law enforcement.

Joe Friday and Bill Gannon (and, before that, Frank Smith) worked leads. They interviewed suspects and witnesses. They didn't have a shoot 'em up every week and, in fact, the one time that I recall Friday actually fired his weapon there was an internal investigation and review board.

To this day, a lot of what transpired on that show more accurately depicts day to day police life than anything that has aired since.
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