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Re: What is "canon?"

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There's a street to cross? Do I have to renounce one to like the other? Sounds like religion to me. And all this time I thought I was just watching TV and movies.
Exactly, I don't get this talk of people "bailing" and becoming Star Wars fans or whatever, as if you can only be one or the other. I've been a Star Trek fan for as long as I can remember, a Star Wars fan since 1977 and a Doctor Who fan since around 1987. All at the same time. Does that make me some kind of heretic?
Yes. But you're in good company.
I suspect that the Star Wars vs. Star Trek rivalry is largely a myth. Most science fiction fans have probably enjoyed a fair amount of both, as well as ample amounts of Planet of the Apes, Terminator, Aliens, The Matrix, and probably Harry Potter as well.

They're not sports teams. You don't have to root for one against the other.
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