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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


Well, that was a bit rubbish. The entire Native American culture was because of intergalactic aliens that travelled to Earth then back? It just doesn't make sense. And the entire thing about hearing his Father is meant to be finding his faith again? Only he's been sticking to the faith with Spirit Guides etc. Unless they're trying to say he walked the walk but didn't talk the talk, but I still don't buy it.

It's not helped by poor makeup on the lead alien he meets on the planet, it fades toward his hairline and is patchy around his collar. However, the bit about he has the tattoo to honour his father who died before he could make peace with him was nice.

Also are we to believe that Chakotay's Father found a small group of alien/human hybrids on Earth, in a Central American rainforest? It doesn't even mesh with the rest of the story.

I read earlier today in another thread about Robert Beltran's problems with the series, and someone brought up that the storm wasn't needed. Except it really is. Unless you want to ignore the fact that Janeway has to react in some way to her missing First Officer. That's one of the few story beats in the A-Story I don't have an issue with.

However, I do really like Chakotay's continuing amusement of Neelix, smiling when it's other people getting trapped by him, and in other episodes scowling when it's him.

Thank the Sky Spirits the B-Story was a Doctor one.
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